Disclosure Policy

In accordance with FTC regulations for Bloggers, Powered By BLING will notify readers when compensation of any kind was provided as part of content on this site. Disclosure for certain types of compensation are outline below.


Powered By BLING may be compensated by companies either monetarily or through product from said company. The compensation received will never influence the opinion shared on this blog. As per my Disclosure Policy, a statement will appear at the beginning of any post where compensation has been provided by any brand.

My personal ethics only allow me to promote, accept sponsorship from, or link content to those brands which I or my family personally use or have used in the past. If I wouldn’t use it, I will not recommend it to my family or friends (and that includes my readers!). All sponsored activity on this blog is subject to approval. Regardless of compensation, opinions and experiences with any products, websites, brands, or services will always be my own. Brands wishing to work with Powered By BLING understand this when entering into agreements with Powered By BLING, LLC.


The majority of the links contained within the content of Powered By BLING are not affiliate links. As my goal is to provide education and resources in the topic area of this site, I link to relevant and substantive content on a regular basis.  

At times, I may link to other affiliates.  This may mean that in some cases when I link to an online retailer that I get a commission for referred sales (if you click one of these affiliate links and make a purchase the retailer gives me a cut of it).  All links anywhere in the content of this site are products that I have tested, used in the past or am currently using.  I will never link to any product or service which I do not personally believe in just to earn a few bucks.  Earned commissions go toward supporting this site or are donated to charities on behalf of this site.  Again, not all outbound product links are affiliate links. If an affiliate link is used within a post, a comment disclosing this information will be found at the top of the post.


These policies are valid as of December 26, 2016 and are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

See Powered By BLING, LLC’s Blog Policy and Privacy Policy for additional information pertaining to the use of this site.