5 Benefits of Fitness You Can’t Measure with a Test

Staying consistent with fitness can sometimes seem like a full-time job. Inherently, I think we are all lazy. I mean who wouldn’t rather lay on the couch binge watching On Demand with a bucket of Salted Caramel Gelato! But that’s what got me unhealthy in the first place. After having spent more than a year and a half losing over 100 lbs., getting my workouts in is a priority in my schedule. But even more than that, I’ve seen firsthand how focusing on my fitness has DRAMATICALLY improved my health.

The wakeup call came for me when my doctor called me after my annual physical to let me know that for the first time ever my labs had come back pre-diabetic.  Diabetes?! I already have breast cancer and know another co-morbidity is potentially threatening my life. That’s when I knew I had to change my priorities and make my health the number one concern.

In addition to losing the weight, I also went off my high blood pressure medicine, my HDL improved and my labs revealed I am no longer in the pre-diabetes category. Now, the only medicine I take is my breast cancer meds.  Knowing that my body achieved even more benefits than just those things that can be measured by tests, committing to a healthier lifestyle which includes fitness on most days also improved some other areas.

Better Endurance – As you get consistent with working out, your lungs are benefiting by an increase in oxygen uptake. This, in turn, gets the heart pumping more blood through the system. The result is happier muscles and organs!

No more Foggy Brain – If you have ever tried to focus really hard, but no matter what you do, you just can’t concentrate? I call that foggy brain. Believe it or not, that foggy brain can actually be a result of fatigue or stress. One way to minimize that feeling is to get those endorphins pumping! Endorphins actually improve your brains functions. So, before you take your next exam or give that big presentation to your boss, get in a little workout and get those synapses firing!

Improve the Quality of Sleep – Your daily workouts can actually help improve the quality of your sleep. I am one of those people whose brain goes a mile a minute as soon as I go to bed at night. I have actually found that for me, an evening workout helps me fall asleep faster and get a better night’s sleep. For some that may seem counterintuitive as the endorphins from your workout might actually wake up your body and prevent your brain from relaxing. I find that the quality of my workouts push me to my fatigue limit, so my body is ready to fall asleep when I hit the pillow.

Endorphins Make You Happy –Remember the line from Legally Blonde where Reese Witherspoon is talking about the client’s fitness empire and she says that Brooke couldn’t have committed the crime because exercise increases endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t kill people?  She’s correct! Endorphins are our body’s natural happy pill!

Energy Boost – Have you ever been really tired and had to fight with yourself to decide between your workout and that tub of Salted Caramel ice cream calling your name from the freezer? Then, you pushed the devil off your shoulder and got your workout done after which you felt like you could scale Mt. Everest you had so much energy. That’s what fitness does for our bodies! It’s like drinking a jolt or an espresso without actually having to drink them. Gotta love endorphins!

What benefits do you get from being consistent with your fitness routine?

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 5 Fitness Benefits Can't Measure

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Cassandra Burke is a Forensic Scientist by day, and a Group Fitness Instructor, Swim Team Coordinator and Travel Agent by night. A Breast Cancer Survivor since 2010, she writes about her journey as well as her struggles – training for triathlons and races, struggling to get back her health, and balancing family life all while building her brand and finding her purpose after cancer. Subscribe to Cassandra’s newsletter for updates and follow @poweredbybling on social media! For endurance sport race travel and custom family vacation travel, visit her at pbbtravel.com.


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