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Fitting in Fitness – Yes You Have Enough Time in Your Schedule

I am the master of fitting in fitness to my crazy schedule. For those of you that know me, you know I’m one of those crazy over extended moms. For those of you that don’t, here’s my list: full-time career as a forensic scientist, wife, mom, swim team coordinator, fitness instructor, triathlete, runner, blogger, own a travel agency, writing my first non-fiction book and am in the process of starting my own fitness brand. So I definitely know about fitting in fitness to a tight schedule. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have an amazing and amazingly supportive husband! I love you, Joe.

I often overhear people say they can’t find time to workout. Usually, it’s while they are sitting and chatting with other moms, drinking their Starbucks during their kids sports practice after I just finished my run (or bike or swim). I have interjected and said bring your clothes to the next practice! A group of swim moms actually organized and now do Bodypump during that time. No excuses!!

Fact of the matter is we all have so many pockets of time in our schedules. We just need to take a step back and think about how much we can accomplish during those times.

Since the beginning of January, I’ve been back in base training mode. Even though my training is year round, it goes in different phases. My current triathlon/half marathon training schedule has me training in at least two areas most days. I had to sit down and think about my life schedule (work, family, sports commitments) and where I could fit it all in because, let’s face it, if it doesn’t work with our lives we aren’t going to do it.  That’s KEY to understanding your commitment. It has to work for your existing life.

I’ve carved out the times where my running club meets, the training I can do while Mini Me is at sports practices, and then filled in where I can make tweaks in my schedule such as using my lunch hour at work to fit in the rest. I use the same logic every time the phase of my training changes. In my previous post, 5 Fitting in Fitness Workouts, I outlined some ways you could use this strategy to find those pockets of time along with a few workouts you can do say when you’re cooking dinner!

What strategies do you use for fitting in fitness to your busy life?

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Cassandra Burke is a Forensic Scientist by day, and a Group Fitness Instructor, Swim Team Coordinator and Travel Agent by night. A Breast Cancer Survivor since 2010, she writes about her journey as well as her struggles – training for triathlons and races, struggling to get back her health, and balancing family life all while building her brand and finding her purpose after cancer. Subscribe to Cassandra’s newsletter for updates and follow @poweredbybling on social media! For endurance sport race travel and custom family vacation travel, visit her at


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