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Welcome to the first post in my new monthly series, Links I Love.  Each month on the first Thursday of the month, I will feature blog posts, links, and pins that have inspired me over the previous month. 


The posts here are all from bloggers I follow and read weekly.  As I read my BlogLovin’ feed and posts from my Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter followers, I’m on the lookout for great content to share with my readers.  Want to end up on a future Links I Love?

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Without further ado, here are the Links I Love for May! This month’s feature category is Nurtures Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Nurtures Your Mind, Body, and Spirit:

We’ve finally welcomed Spring!!!!  The weather is beautiful just about every day and we’ve even started getting into the tradition of our household spring cleaning.  Mini Me and I have been busy inside – cleaning out closets, organizing the household, doing some deep spring cleaning. The Hubby’s been busy outside – weeding, getting the flower beds in order, and starting up the weekly lawn mowing schedule.

We’ve even kicked off May by grilling and eating dinners out on the deck.  Eating outside in the evening is one of my favorite things!  It really helps slow down the day.

This month, it should come as no surprise that we are all about Becoming Minimalist.  I really don’t like clutter.  I can’t even stand when I come in the house from a long day and there are backpacks and shoes in the mud room and mail and school papers on the kitchen island – UGH!  My OCD kicks in and I have to clear it off. 

Mini Me and I cleaned out my closet and her closet one weekend.  We still have a bit to do as you can see from how full each of our walk-ins and dresser drawers are.


My closet and dresser drawers


Mini Me’s closet and dresser


I’ll be running an upcoming series as our family uses some of the strategies from Becoming Minimalist and Project 333 to live with less.  Until then, be sure to check out some of Joshua’s pointers that your family can use to declutter and destress.

Declutter the Closet
15 Clutter Busting Routines for Any Family
Don’t Just Declutter, De Own
Creative Ways to Declutter 

I’ve always used a couple of Joshua’s strategies.  These are my favorite and routine ones around our household:

  • Set the timer for 10 minutes. Declutter the common areas before the timer runs out.  Great to use with children because they love the competitiveness of beating the timer!
  • Clothes Basket Race – Each person gets a basket of their washed clothes. The race is on to see who can fold, hang and put away their whole basket first.
  • Joshua’s Four Box Method is how we clean out bedrooms and the playrooms – one blue tub each for trash, give away, keep, or relocate
  • I try to declutter at least quarterly. My two major declutter seasons are just before Christmas and beginning of Spring.  I also have a motto – If I can’t remember the last time I used it, it goes into the trash or give away tub.


Other Links I Love this month!  

Fitness: Getting Out of the Comparison Trap

Food: In honor of spring and freshness, my fave recipe this month is The Chunky Chef’s Easy Lemon Chicken Piccata.

Health and Wellness: Ever wish you’d gone to medical school?  My friend, Farrah, is doing her rotations right now!  Check out her Day in the Life.  She has a couple pages dedicated to her medical journey including her Medical Monday series.

Blogging, Social Media, Tech & Photography: Smart Phone Photography

Anything Goes:  I had to share these 11 Greeting Cards People With Cancer Will Actually Appreciate. As a Cancer Survivor, I totally appreciate the humor in them.  I received a card similar to these just after I was diagnosed and it really made me laugh when I needed it.


Favorite Pins This Month:

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A Dish of Daily Life and Food Photography Blog are my feature pins for this month.  Both of these sites are on my go-to list for recipes and photography tips.







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