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I’m excited to announce that I am one of the inaugural members of the Jeff Galloway Blogger Program! I met Jeff at the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend.  As you all know, I’ve been using the Galloway Method since getting back on my feet during cancer recovery.  I was introduced to the method through my Cancer To 5K Ulman Cancer Fund coaches.  I’ve been using it ever since.  If I didn’t use Jeff’s method, I most likely would not still be running.  Jeff Galloway is known in the running community as an Olympian, runDisney official coach, and marathoner. But, Jeff is best known for the Galloway Method –  a Run/Walk/Run strategy.


Jeff and I at the 2015 Disney Princess Half Expo

A day or two before I left for Disney, I sent Jeff an email.  He responded and we started a dialogue about my running.  He told me to come find him at the expo and, if he wasn’t there, to have one of his colleagues find him for me.  This is how amazing Jeff is…he really cares about the people that he inspires.  The Hubby and I went straight to Jeff’s booth when we got there.  Jeff was there and when I told him who I was, we struck up a conversation about things.  It was like talking to an old friend.


Meeting Jeff for the first time at DPH Expo

Jeff and I have been communicating since I returned from Disney and I’m proud to be part of his Blogger program to share his tips and advice with my readers and all you out there reading this that aren’t quite sure if you can transition from walking to running.  You can!  I’ve gone from dreading a one mile walk to run/walking over 15 miles a week.  I even did the Disney Princess Half (more on that in an upcoming post) using Galloway Method.

Take Jeff’s advice on how to build your endurance and remain injury free:

Most injuries experienced by my runners are due to 1) pacing long runs too fast, 2) increasing the weekly mileage too quickly, 3)lengthening stride and 4) stretching.

The principle in staying injury free is to balance gentle stress with the right recovery periods-allowing for rebuilding. (for more information, see my book RUNNING INJURIES)

Finding the right Run Walk Run strategy from the beginning of a run has been the best way I’ve found to stay injury free, come back from an injury and in some cases, continue to run while the injury heals. (See my book RUN WALK RUN)

  • Are you concerned that running will damage joints, and other body parts ? I was told this regularly, from my first week of running over 50 years ago but the research shows the opposite result: Runners have healthier joints, etc. than non runners as the decades go by.
  • While researching for my book RUNNING UNTIL YOU’RE 100, I reviewed dozens of studies and could not find one showing that running harms legs, feet, joints, etc.
  • It may surprise you to know that many studies show that runners have fewer orthopedic issues compared with non-runners as the years go by.
  • A respected and large population study out of Stanford following thousands of runners over 50 who had run for more than 20 years concluded that runners had less than 25% of orthopedic issues compared with non runners of the same age.

As long as you stay below the threshold of irritation you can often continue to run while the injury heals.

Thanks for the advice, Jeff.  Be sure to sign up for Jeff’s newsletter at

Do you use the Galloway Method?  Share your success story!  I’d love to hear it.

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