How Much Gear Should You Be Wearing?

It’s Thursday, so Let’s Talk Training!

With winter season upon us, it’s important to make sure that you are wearing the appropriate gear when you head out the door for a run or a bike.  My friends in FL and Cali don’t have to worry much about these bitter conditions, you luckys! But where I live, wearing the correct amount of gear in colder weather can be the difference between an enjoyable run and a week in bed with a box of tissues.

I don’t know about you, but when the Saturday morning long run comes and the air is a frigid 19 degrees, the trees are blowing slightly and you are nestled warmly under the heavy comforter, the thought of venturing out into the bitterness for a run almost brings me to tears.  The Hubby and Mini Me can hear me whimpering from downstairs.

When you’re new to outdoor winter running, you may not choose the correct gear and wind up sick in bed.  I’ve derailed myself on more than one occasion because I got sick after too many outdoor sessions in what probably was not the most appropriate level of attire.  I’ve learned the hard way that even though my body might be warm, I probably shouldn’t take off my gloves or my sweatshirt.  Yes, I might have coldgear on under there, but that one layer isn’t enough despite what my mind keeps telling me.

Lucky for us, Runner’s World created this awesome What To Wear calculator.  Simply choose the appropriate conditions and BAM!….a list of the most appropriate gear for the conditions.  Thanks, Runner’s World! 


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